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Elastic Nonwoven

Product Description


Elastic nonwoven is produced with unique methods so it can suitably stretch when tension is applied and return to its original forms when force is absent. It is soft and comfortable on the skin.


Product Features

◆ Soft and smooth. Comfortable to the skin

◆ Easy to cut without frayed edges

◆ Excellent adhesive properties on joints

◆ Excellent covering properties

◆ SGS tested for zero skin irritation

◆ Both spunlace and needle punch products are available

◆ Hydrophilic type is available

Thickness:0.5mm ~ 1.0mm

Weight:75g/㎡ ~ 110g/㎡



• Medical Plaster

• Cooling Patch

• Facial Mask

• Bandage

• Elastic Garment Interlining