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Kunshan Shengyu Trading Co., Ltd. is a trading company specializing in non-woven related products. Its predecessor is the restructuring company of Kunshan Shengyu Non-woven Co., Ltd. The company is committed to providing high quality non-woven fabrics, resin lining, water-soluble non-woven fabrics and elastic non-woven fabrics and other products to meet the diverse needs of customers.


We have a team full of experience and expertise to ensure that customers can enjoy the highest quality products and services. We will continue to work closely with our head office, Shenghong Industrial Co., Ltd., to ensure that we can provide a stable and reliable supply of products.


Kunshan Shengyu Trading Co., Ltd. is committed to maintaining an outstanding position in the non-woven industry and will be dedicated to providing customers with high quality products and considerate services. Look forward to working with you to create a better future.


Ten noteworthy aspects about medical nonwovens.

With the continuous update and rapid development of packaging materials for sterilized articles, medical non-woven fabrics have gradually entered the disinfection supply centers of various types of hospitals as the final packaging materials for sterilized articles...


What are the characteristics of spunlace nonwovens?

What are the characteristics of spunlace non-woven fabrics? The main components of spunlace non-woven fabrics are cotton, wool, linen, silk, and viscose fibers, polyester fibers, acetate fibers, polypropylene fibers, polyamide fibers, ultrafine fibers, and irregular Fiber, low melting point fiber, high crimp fiber, antistatic fiber, carbon fiber, metal fiber, etc.


The application of non-woven fabrics for filter materials in automobiles has a small role in nonwovens

In the non-woven industry, we often see many kinds of non-woven fabrics. Non-woven fabrics for filter materials are commonly used. It is characterized by good filterability and strong absorption, and can be based on different characteristics of the material. , Used in different occasions. Today we will focus on the application of non-woven fabrics for filtering materials in automobiles.