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TTA Anti-Virus, Anti-Viral

Product Description

Are you conscious of the fact that in the microcosmic world, there are many toxic substances, bacteria, and viruses derived from modern cultures that continue to erode our health?

In order to fight this external virus and infection, we need a firm defensive measure.To address this, Shen Hung has leveraged our advantage of research and innovation.By integrating advanced nano-compound TTA in application with Shen Hung’s core competencies to ensure a healthy lifestyle free from threats of disease.


The superior characteristics of anti-bacteria and virus will be extended to Shen Hung’s diverse products for extensive applications in medical, industrial, and daily materials to construct multiple lines of defense for both individuals and environments. TTA can be integrated to all Sheng Hung products

Safety/Quality Approvals

The new nano-compound material has been certified by many parties through testing such as viruses, bacteria, mold, and harmful gases in laboratories of major countries.Certified by laboratories in major countries