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Chemical Bonded Nonwoven

Product Description


Chemical bonded nonwoven is made from fibers and bonded together using resins. This type of nonwoven is widely used in many areas such as garments, embroidery, medical, filtration, and other industrial applications.


Product Features

◆Different treatments are available upon request: flame retardant, water repellent, anti-virus, scattered coating

◆Chemical bonded products are available in parallel, random, and also cross-lapped types

Garment Interlining

Weight :20g/㎡ ~ 100g/㎡

Width:up to 82”(208cm)

Industrial Application

Weight :20g/㎡ ~ 238g/㎡

Width:up to 120"(300cm)



‧ Garment Interlining (collars, lapels, front chest piece, cuffs, chest lining, pocket flaps, hem reinforcements)/font>

‧ Embroidery Backing : Cut Away, Tear Away

‧ Lamination Backing

‧ Filtration

‧ Medical Textile

‧ Printing

‧ Packaging