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Nonwoven Artificial Leather / Needle Punched Felt

Product Description


Nonwoven artificial leather uses special punching methods to increase the density of fiber sheets. After setting, a solid and strong material, called the nonwoven needle punched felt is formed. Appearance and applications are similar to artificial leather.


Product Features

◆High Abrasion Resistance Series For Shoes (SATRA TM31 Martindale)

 Wet condition 25,600 cycles up

 Dry condition 50,000 cycles up

◆Elastic Series For Leather Goods

 Smooth surface, soft to touch with elasticity for the best hand feeling after laminated with leather

◆All products are available with GRS standard recycled fibers.


Width:36"(91cm) 40" (100cm) 54"(137cm) 59"(150cm)



• Shoes Lining and Counter Lining

• Leather Goods Lining

• Belt Liner , Bag Liner

• PVC/PU Lamination Backing

• Racket Grip , Sport Goods

• Microfiber Material